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Cheap Car Insurance For College Students

College students tend to enjoy the benefits of being older and no longer being judged as minors with a car license. However, when it comes to automobile insurance coverage, it can still be quite expensive for college student to obtain coverage, especially young men under the age of 25 years. That said, there are a number of ways to obtain cheap or cheaper car insurance than the norm.

Drive an Older Car

Insurance rates are highest for cars that are brand new, especially higher value cars that represent premium models in their range. This shouldn’t be surprising; the more the vehicle costs from a purchase when new, the more the insurance company could likely be held to pay with a full coverage policy. As a result, insurance providers are going to charge a higher premium to offset their potential risk. College student who make a point of driving an older car lower the risk of coverage, also lowering their insurance costs charged at the same time (

Don’t Commute, Use Public Transit

In most college towns there are plenty of public transit routes to get to and from school. As a result, college students can do most of their commuting with a bus, train or similar versus using their car. This allows a college student to then report is car as weekend use only, which lowers insurance costs considerably ( Since the frequency of driving is a lot less, the insurer won’t charge as much either versus someone who commutes every day, especially when driving in an urban area.

Avoid Attractive Models and Sports Cars

No, beauty models are not a factor that insurance companies base their prices on. Instead, it’s car models that tend to be stolen with a higher frequency than other cars. Every year the insurance industry puts out a list of cars that have the highest chance of being stolen statistically. College students who avoid these vehicles can save considerable money in their premiums, especially if they instead choose a vehicle car thieves don’t want to bother with. Cars that do tend to be stolen a lot include Hondas, Toyota pickup trucks, sports cars, luxury cars, and Cadillacs among others (

Fast-moving, high performance vehicles are bullseye target for both traffic police as well as insurance companies. They also tend to be bought and used by people who will used them driving fast. Using a basic family-type car will definitely lower comparative insurance rates versus someone driving a Ford Mustang or a BMW Z4 Roadster.

Be Careful With Bargain Insurance

Insurance companies that offer policies seemingly dirt cheap in price often tend to disappear when they are actually needed for coverage. A good policy is only useful if the company behind it comes through when the customer has a claim that needs to be addressed. Unfortunately, many super cheap insurance providers tend to become a problem when damages occur in an accident or a car gets broken into. College students favor these companies because the cost up front is far less expensive than quality companies. However, they pay a price when a claim needs to be processed and the insurer on the cheap policy won’t pay out. This can be particularly problematic when a car accident involves medical injuries to the driver, passenger or others.

In Summary

Some of the best low cost car insurance coverage college students can take advantage of happens to be at their fingertips. All they need to do is change their behavior and how they drive. Insurance companies can’t charge for a risk that doesn’t exist.