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Cheap Car Insurance For Students

Life as a student is almost always lived in pursuit of great bargains and special deals, helping to reduce the cost of everyday items that range from car insurance to groceries and beyond. Luckily, insurance providers are generally quite aware that students need to save a significant amount of money on their premiums in order for those premiums to be affordable and effective. With a number of key programs, national car insurance companies offer cheap car insurance for students that will certainly free up room in the budget for more enjoyable expenses.

Be Honest: Let Insurance Companies Know About Full-Time Student Status

The great thing about insurance companies is that they actually give a discount to full-time students just because they’re full-time students. All it takes is a quick call to the insurance company, or an easy notation on a car insurance quote form. By selecting the “student” occupation, many insurance companies will shave quite a bit of money of the monthly, quarterly, or semi-annual fees that they charge to students for a policy.

Of course, merely noting that a policyholder is a student is only the first step to getting cheap car insurance for students. There are plenty of other ways to save when choosing a new insurer.

Good Grades and Advanced Degrees Can Lead to Really Good Savings

Insurance companies have done their research on policy amounts, safe driving, and risk. That research has shown, time and time again, that drivers who get good grades while in school are less likely to get into a major car accident that will cost the insurance company a large amount of money. Because insurance companies charge policyholders based on risk, the discount given to those with a GPA of 3.0 or higher while in school is quite significant.

Furthermore, the same research conducted on grades was expanded to advanced degrees by national insurance brands. Those studies found that people with more advanced degrees were less likely to get into a collision over the lifetime of their policy. This is why it’s important to note not only student status and GPA on a quote form, but also the highest degree held and the one being pursued.

Good Records and Defensive Driving Education Can Reduce Policy Amounts

A speeding ticket is expensive when it’s issued, but it can also lead to greater expenses for up to two years after it’s been paid. Insurance companies will see the ticket, and any points added to a driver’s license, as indicating increased risk of an accident. Policy premiums will go up accordingly. A safe driving record, conversely, is the best way to safe on a policy’s cost. In fact, some insurance companies even reward drivers for going a long amount of time without an incident.

To that end, defensive driving courses, and driver’s education classes while in school, can make a significant difference in the cost of a policy. Insurance companies know that drivers who are better educated not only in driving, but also in avoiding common problems on the road, will more adeptly navigate their way out of a potential accident. That helps them give lower rates to students of those classes for years after they’ve completed instruction.

Comparing Rates Will Find the Cheapest Car Insurance for Students

Even with all of the right boxes checked off, and all of the safest courses and habits mastered while on the road, drivers can still find that they’re paying a bit more than they’d like to with their current insurance company. That’s generally because most drivers get an insurance quote individually from each company, rather than using a side-by-side comparison service to get the best deal.

Using an all-in-one insurance comparison tool will compare policy amounts, deductibles, terms and conditions, and discounts, side-by-side. The side-by-side comparison of insurance companies will allow students to get the best possible deal on their new insurance policy without over-spending or getting overcharged by an insurance company that hasn’t been forced to compete, negotiate, and beat others in the field.

With good grades, good education, and smart comparison, students can find cheap car insurance that preserves their budget, keeps them covered in the event of an accident, and allows them far more financial flexibility while in school. It really is the best of all worlds.